Wednesday, July 21, 2004

mission of burma -- red (oho!)
doris day (w/ les brown orch.) -- celery stalks at midnight
nervebreakers -- my girlfriend is a rock
chops (feat. talib kweli) -- coming' from the lower level

boom box 2000 -- save our ship
hair police -- open body
impractical cockpit -- fresh shrimp (v/a friends & relatives, bloomington comp)
soul providors -- for old time's sake

stuart gillespie -- the handsome cabin boy (smithsonian maritime songs, so great, I just lost my audience)
matmos -- freak 'n' you (comp. of fat cat splits)
safety scissors/kit clayton -- (track 11) ('found objects' are the artist of the week)
kim hiorthoy -- (track 5)
kid creole & the coconuts -- dancin' at the bains douches (dub) (thanks, rael)

dirty projectors -- (throw on) the hazard lights (eesh, how much does this guy like Song Cycle?)
vetiver -- arboretum (long 'un)
great lakes -- teen angel (donovan tribute comp)
carolyn mark -- hangover (tempted to play the michael mcdonald cover...)
thalia zedek -- bus stop (also longish)

the unicorns -- emasculate the masculine (I'm liking it, but it could be a full minute shorter)
passage -- scarefilm
roy ayers -- can't you see me (taken from pb wolf mix cd)
mf doom -- bergamot wild (special herbs v. 3/4; don't worry, used it for backannounce, i'm not an idiot

pookie blow -- get up & go to school (request, how can i resist, and why would i?)
fall -- sparta 2xx (this actually seems a lot different than the uk mix)
fall -- eat y'self fitter (got sent 50,000 fall fans, so why not?)
a-frames -- skeletons
freezpop -- stakeout (just has to come out every few weeks)
henry gibson -- 200 years (nashville strck; now that was a disorienting seg)

mitchell akimaya -- with hope that (for steve reich) (like i couldn't tell)

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