Monday, July 19, 2004

Mr. Silliman would not, I guess, care for the Donne "setting" I did a while back (which made no attempt to operate as 'art-song,' at least as I understand that term). I suppose I understand his concerns, but it all seems a little propietary to me; surely the existence of a musical response to a poem doesn't actually destroy the possibility of responding to it on the page, or in the (unaccompanied) mouth. So much for Nothing Painted Blue Sings 'Tjanting,' anyway.

I do hope that the Extra Glenns someday get a chance to record their setting of this Vachel Lindsay poem. (Obviously, there shouldn't be a break between the 7th and 8th line. Weird choice for a K-12 Xmas recital, you ask me.

Good news (for me): UCLA library has decades of Melody Makers on microfiche. Still seeking something similar for NME; Lincoln Center is the best bet so far (though the catalog entry is slightly unclear about their holdings). There could be worse excuses for an NYC trip. I doubt I'll find Sounds archived anywhere in the States.

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