Wednesday, July 07, 2004

[reconstruction a]

At times, I have the paranoid, or simply narcissistic*, sense that Jane (when she writes about cover versions) or S/FJ (when he writes about recording) are engaged in a pinioning action of sometime, an intervention expressly intended to chip away at and ultimately atomize the last bits of some view that I hold, may not know I hold, an cannot at present easily formulate or even name. When they succeed, I will be free! Free!

Nonetheless, I have 'permitted' Douglas to post an electrical recording, from back when I was theoretically moored (ignorant) enough to fucking finish something. I'm 23 or 24, I sound like I have a cold, and n-teen years on, I'm no longer in any position to assess this, though it's one of the oldest songs I still perform; it gets where it's going quickly, at least. What, DBW, 'supervenes on the lunar tug' isn't perfectly lucid? Yes, Charming Tedious, John alters the chords considerably when he plays this. There is also a streaming link to an 'FMU live set; I haven't streamed it myself, but I recall that Porter Wagoner's "Cold, Hard Facts of Life" and Billy Strayhorn's "Strange Feeling" are induced to occur. You should hear some version of these at some point in your life, though not necessarily mine. The Destroyer set that same afternoon was indeed excellent.

In some versions of psychoanalytic theory (Melanie Klein), the root of narcissism is a pathologically weak sense of self.

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