Saturday, August 14, 2004

Have to work on things I have to work on. If I were a poet, this would have been a productive week. Went through a pile of very old material, salvaging good lines -- then I peeked at some flarf and wondered if I shouldn't have been keeping the hideous ones. [Too bad, for me, that the New Sentence is old currency.] But the writing that is expected from me at a certain time? Not going so well, right now. The good news is, my students asked excellent questions about Carnap yesterday.

"Well, I had written two pages of beautiful literature to explain the situation [at the end of The Grand Illusion]. Gabin was, you know, like a poet; explaining about what's good, what's bad in nature. It was fantastic. I was so proud of myself. And I was a little worried because the two actors, Dalio and Gabin, they didn't want to start the scene. They were finding reasons to do something else. Finally Gabin told me, 'Jean, we'd better tell you: your two pages of beautiful poetry are just trash and we cannot say it.' Which was true."

--Jean Renoir: An Interview, Green Integer, 1998

"But art is in any case not a relation to a thing, it is a relation between men, between artist and audience, and the art work is only like a machine which they must both grasp as part of the process....[The artist] attempts to forget the market completely and concentrate on his relation to the art work, which now becomes further hypostatized as an entity-in-itself."

-- Cornelius Cardew, from Stockhausen Saves Imperialism [Quoted on entry page to ubuweb reprint of 1974 publication; have not read much of the book itself yet.]

[Also, W.D. Hart on Wittgenstein, Hertz, and the misleading 'picture' of the pianola w.r.t. mental "states and processes," in "Clarity" from The Analytic Tradition, ed. David Bell & David Cooper, Blackwell, 1990. Unfortunately, not readily excerpted.]

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