Wednesday, August 25, 2004

hey, who got Laffy Taffy all over my ideological state apparatus?

kspc 8-10

mission of burma -- this is not a photograph
brinsley schwartz -- (what's so funny 'bout) peace, love, and understanding
twilight circus -- session (mad professor remix)
hott beat -- organs of desire [so not 'hott']

arcade fire -- neighborhood (tunnels)
i.s.s. -- small ones [mimicry comp]
black dice -- live loop
the science group -- dance of the argument [chris cutler proj.]

lazy cowgirls -- you're all right now [feat. artist = sympathy]
april march -- chick habit [ditto; gainsbourg]
tender buttons -- jump [kill me tomorrow membs.; slower than aztec camera, even]
prime-time sublime -- fashion flag for a part-time patriot [orch-not-pop]

carolyn mark -- bigger bed
atomic 7 -- various rats are whacked
kid 606 -- rudestyleindiejunglistmassive
trevor dunn's trio -- i'm sick

bongos -- the bulrushes
oranges band -- ok apartment
band of holy joy -- refugee [2002 -- who knew?; "life is too brutal to be sad"]
kit -- i love her like mad
english beat -- walk away

french kicks -- manic panic (remix) [the bite of "the message" works ok, but the attempt to sing like prince...does not]
xanimo -- broken future
glenn jones -- the doll hospital [cul de sac guy, still working through his fahey issues]
dreamend -- the old house: its occupants [godspeedy; immediately got godspeed request]

otis rush -- i can't quit you baby
the blenders -- decimal currency [amalgamated ska comp; so sad that this is an instrumental]
bomb pops -- girl daredevil [lit-rock]
decomposure -- speech [yep, gwb samples, though sub-semantic]

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