Wednesday, August 18, 2004

kspc 8-10

mission of burma -- this is not a photograph
big dipper -- start the revolutions ('love barge' b-side, 1988)
the eternals -- nation's capital [everything's out of proportion]

black eyes -- scrapes and scratches
homosexuals -- naming of parts
the affair -- honey (split 7" on vice; poor singing)
ra scion -- dichotemy (seattle undie; title [sic])
dr. noh -- all alone

destroyer -- streethawk II (rare/unreleased disc of merge 15 ann. comp)
sprcess -- the sun provides vitamin d
on!air!radio! -- bread (v/a 'u.s. pop life vol. 17,' contact records; interesting singer, got a call)

peanut butter wolf (w/ planet asia, madlib) -- definition of ill
subtitle -- smoke is smoke
wildchild (feat. oh no) -- heartbeat
madvillian -- money folder
busdriver -- driver's manual

charming snakes -- hang your head
marked men -- cool devices
the m's -- break our bones
black cat bone -- the judas tree (homework v. 10)
tangiers -- your color (I think I'd go see them)

[not to interrupt, but if one gets an instant message -- there's an address for whoever's on-air -- reading 'i was just curious when you were going to get home' from someone calling themselves 'inxurdreamsx69x,' what does that mean?]

grey de lisle -- sharecroppin' man
sally timms -- i'm just a man (kevin coyne cover)
jon rauhouse's air show, feat. neko case -- river of no return (comp. lionel newman, from the premminger film)
pine valley cosmonauts -- bye bye blues (cover?; ltd ed 'barn dance favorites')
mavis staples -- hard times (v/a 'beautiful dreamer,' stephen foster tribute)

mccarthy -- way of the world
junior boys -- last exit
gina lamour -- i'm gonna file my claim (the other song from 'river of no return')
shrimp boat -- wonderful wonderful
bobby short -- don't let it get you down (harburg/lane)

rich west -- curly
misha mengleberg -- house party starting (h. nichols)

[sorry so little commentary. tired.]

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