Wednesday, August 11, 2004

mission of burma -- red (reformation or no)
people in stores -- factory (v. extended family; makes me want to hear the turbines)
metalux -- ceramic pork-bank
icy demons -- [no title]

max richter -- blue notebooks (yep, kafka read over piano)
juana molina -- insensible (I guess this is the piano set)
azita -- ooh ooh johnny (from the 1st one)
jacqueline humbert -- lullaby (not piano exactly; comp. alvin lucier)

le tigre -- tres bien (kathleen h. is our feat. artist o' week, good by me)
suture -- pretty is (pre/[during]?-bk band -- SO '91/love-rock/Kicking Giant)
wendy atkinson -- the wrights (mecca n. associate)
julie ruin -- a place called won't be there

jaga jazzist -- day (orig version)
j. live/slug/invisible -- don't get it backwards
q-unique -- the ugly place (well, it's a little hard to do this set w/ one of the turntables fucking up)
dizzee rascal -- graftin' (we'll talk about showtime later, 'kay)
lord kichener -- the bees melody
jon langford -- joshua gone barbados
pencilgrass -- waiting room (yep, reggae/funk fugazi cover...from connecticut!...clearly collegiate in provenance)

mae shi -- hieronymus bosch is a dead man
poster children -- flag (though I've never loved these guys, I've never had a bad thing to say about them, but I've gotta quote the station's review: "Reminded me of an '80s wanna-be band, stuck in the '90s." Ah, 19-year-olds.)
the ex -- confusion errorist (new dbl. cd; "why does a weapon need someone?")
sea whores -- sweaty men, attack! (someday I'll do a whole show of segs this good)
king of the slums -- up the empire/balls to the bulldog breed (just 'cos douglas brought them to mind recently; hah! got a call on it!)
pidgeon -- backwards hell (ab kosh)

weldon irvine -- deja vu (9 mins of post-miles mystical goodness; "I recall when we will cease to be")
david s. ware -- the way we were (next dj called in late b/c of traffic -- I hade problems getting here as well -- so we're going w/ long-but-good 'til he makes it)

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