Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Navbar Cento [indirect discourse]

A 17 year-old suddenly realizes he hates his best friend. A woman who runs a website about bees wanders into a bootleg DVD shop in Sichuan province. A theology student constructs Augustinian arguments against abortion, ala Elizabeth Anscombe. A competitive ballroom dancer critiques a video of her own performance. Someone observes that today is the anniversary of the release of Windows 95, the printing of the Gutenberg Bible, and the eruption of Vesuvius (though, wasn't the calendar different?) A 27 year-old says of her ex, "he was 11 years older...that should have been my first clue." A retired nursing teacher in Franklin, North Carolina posts everything he can find that reflects badly on John Kerry. Ylang Ylang's 'record of activity' is blank. A man skips church, rants against patterned capri pants. A Malaysian woman studying philosophy in Scotland quotes Ferlinghetti.

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