Thursday, August 26, 2004

Sahsa backchannels to remind me of earlier Athenians Pylon (esp. vocally) and Love Tractor re R.E.M.. To which I say yes, and never fear, Gyrate is where I can find it. But then, so is It's A Condition.

Had more --

incomprehensibility of Chronic Town to Reckoning v. the oddity of the words one [that is, me at 14] could make out; Stipe banning "I" and "you" for a couple key years (not denying the lyric self, I think, but doing an end run against the most uncritical ways of constructing one); don't forget that they can also be viewed as Southern-rock-at-a-couple-removes (reminded of this by listening to Reckoning in a car w/ Chris Lee [of the Sands!] about 3 years ago);

expression of solidarity w/ S. re rock getting 'pear-shaped' at some point, though we'd place the year differently, and I always worry that I am just-to-old-to-understand; note that my radio show seems to me to come alive when I bend the rules about how much has to come from the new release bins and kick the 'stuff I know and love' set, not just b/c it's what I know and love but b/c I know better what to select, but maybe not just that?; used to think that a problem w/ i-r was that Dylan wasn't an influence, but then he became one and I didn't like that either; current view being that the real problem is a lack of universal recognition that I Just Can't Stop It and Wha'apen are two of the most complete pop records ever made. [Yes, that clause read as though Darnielle took over my head for a sec.]

-- but, I promised myself that I wouldn't spend today online.

NPR's Day to Day is right this second talking about fluxblog. Bandwidth ho!

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