Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Still in self-imposed exile, stuck on #4, not that other things haven't been accomplished in the interim, which is part of the problem. One note for those still bothering to check in:

Spoke to my mother briefly today; she claimed to have heard some song of mine at the start and end of a commercial, played during a rerun of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?. ("I know your voice.") I think this is very unlikely; of course, she didn't take note of the lyrics, or the product/service. But if any of you happen to be watching The Game Show Network and hear what seems to be me, do let me know, so I can either get a cease & desist going, or have a check cut.


mission of burma -- this is not a photograph
birdsongs of mezosoic -- carbon 14 (extended family)
jon langford -- french quarter hotels (found magazine 7")
les savy fav -- the sweat descends

dr. mix -- can't control myself (troggs cover, ex-metal urbain)
timonium -- across the footlights (didn't have a female singer before)
explosions in the sky -- [untitled] (request; a little godspeedy for me, but I'm here to serve)
alec k. readfern and the eyesores -- black tar & white slavery

the raymakers -- contact high ('feat artist' is the l.a./tokyo label eenie meenie)
viento de agua -- las tarimas
luciano perrone -- samba vocalizado (batucada fantastica v. 3; highly recommended reissue of 1972 brazilian lp)
so percussion -- melody competition (very long but excellent gamelanish composition written by one evan ziporyn)

diverse -- certified (nice, got a call)
sixtoo -- chainsaw buffet (woulda gone better in the percussion set)
gift of gab -- moonshine
rom -- jumpic (infliltrate 5.0 comp, mm, nice seg)
secret mommy -- the beach (very cut up astrud gilberto samples, more interesting than it reads)

diane marie kloba -- green suitcase (!!! begars description, at least for now -- like azita/jean smith w/ heavy 'da bears' accent; note to self, check out her site)
rjd2 -- through the walls
genya ravan -- roto root her (1979 release on bowie's vanity imprint mainman; somewhere between pat benatar and gilda radner's patti smith impersonation)
bergen white -- she is today (best, or at least most free designish, song on recently mojo-hyped orch-pop reissue; "the hippies are her prophets...she is today")
white magic -- one note

the slits -- shoplifting
new black -- angel w/ cockroach wings (man, this melody is so swiped, but from what?)
pixeltan -- that's the way I like it (strangely, neither a k.c./sunshine nor a backstreet boys cover; new dfa single)
buck hammer -- tea for two boogie (just what it says; i'm guessing late '50s, though the record's not saying)
decompose -- toy piano/electronic drumsticks (tracks are named for their 'instrumentation,' mostly sampled/repurposed; others include 'sound card noise' and 'scrabble'! Gorgeous, in fact.)

glenn branca -- lesson no. 1 (long excerpt to end)

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