Saturday, September 25, 2004

I don't know if anyone's looking here w/ any regularity lately, so I'll be sending out an email to likely L.A. attendees, but I'd me amiss not to mention that I'm reading tomorrow. Not sure of the order.

The Smell
Sunday, September 26th, 5:30-8 p.m.
247 South Main Street, between 2nd & 3rd
Downtown L.A. (enter through the alley)

Franklin Bruno is a poet, musician and philosopher. He is the author of MF/MA, a book of poetry published by Seeing Eye Books. Other work by Bruno appears in Rhizome, The Hat, LA Weekly and The Village Voice. He has released several albums, both as a member of the indie-rock trio Nothing Painted Blue and as a solo artist, including Kiss Without Makeup and A Cat May Look at a Queen. His blog is konvolut m.

Ara Shirinyan is a poet, musician and publisher. His writing, which experiments with constraints and text generated through software, has appeared in Word Ways: The Journal of Recreational Linguistics and What Our Speech Disrupts: Feminism and Creative Writing. Ara’s press, Make Now, has most recently published Family Archaeology by Ian Monk; he also publishes chapbooks with Umbrellad Devil press. His band, Godzik Pink, has released two records on Kill All Rock Stars, & his new band is The Sound of the Soil.

Brent Cunningham was born in Wisconsin and grew up in North Carolina, then Northern California, then Southern California. Since 1999 he has worked for Small Press Distribution in Berkeley. He serves on the board of Small Press Traffic, where
he has helped curate the Poets Theater Jamboree. His poetry, fiction, plays and reviews have appeared in Radical Society, Chain, Rain Taxi, 580 Split, and Kenning. Currently he is at work on a novel and a collection of stories.

Julien Poirier is a poet. He helped kick-start and edit the poetry journal 6x6, and is now a co-editor of New York Nights, a free newspaper against the War. He is the author of Flying Over the Fence With Amadou Diallo (Ugly Duckling Presse 2000), The Rub (UDP 2001), and Ours, Yours (Loudmouth Collective, 2001). His poetry has also appeared in Weigh Station, Old Gold, and Lungfull! Julien has taught poetry for many years in the public schools of New York City.


General update, while I'm here. Realized a couple weeks ago that I shouldn't whine quite so much about overwork; writing a book about EC and teaching a class where I got to yammer about the Oulipo is scarily close to what I might have dreamed about doing at 23, or even 19. The class (an intro Philosophy and Literature where I had a lot of freedom) is over; I start the more strenuous fall classes (the Topic in Aesthetics that I've done before, the Language and Communication that I haven't) late next week. EC MS is kinda due 10/1, but there's some play -- I'll surely be fixing and fussing for at least another month, alongside keeping the classes running, and phil. job market matters. This morning, did a phone interview with Roger Bechirian in London; the engineer/co-producer on the EC/Attractions/Nick Lowe recs (This Year's thru Trust, as well as Jesus of Cool and the first three Undertones records. (I conveyed my long-standing affection for Positive Touch, but didn't make a point of just how long-standing; Alfie Calamusa, the new wave tastemaker at Pioneer Jr. High, handed me a tape of various songs by the 'Tones, Magazine, and the English Beat in 7th grade. Formative.) Very friendly and forthcoming -- some suspicions confirmed, a couple of tiny revelations that the trainspotters will enjoy (I include myself). If you're wondering: TYM - 16-track; AF - 24.

Some of my background reading has been fascinating but not what you'd call inspirational: Currently halfway through a book on Mosley and the B.U.F.. Annoyingly, an anthology on Thatcherism ed. by Stuart Hall is listed as 'not checked out' at UCLA, but isn't on the shelf, though some other books on Tory radicalism are filling the gaps. For escape: A great show by the Ex/Han Bennink last week, matinee of the very strange Edward G. Robinson vehicle The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse, a barbecue at an Episcopal church in Camarillo w/ Bree, a couple of Chabrol rentals -- preferred Le Boucher to Les Biches.

Today, a Phx column to write (The Prefects reissue came just in time to pair with The Homosexuals), and then decide what I'm reading tomorrow. Tomorrow, work through proposed edits on my Farber piece, try to put together materials for a post-doc at Michigan, due long before the bulk of job applications, and read. Next week: Smog certificate, see Kyle & Annalee Brodie's new baby, class prep, and EC, EC, EC.

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