Wednesday, September 01, 2004

kspc 8-10 (last show of the summer; so, only what really struck me from the bins, w/ a couple of the usual ringers)

mission of burma -- wounded world
really red -- white lies
new black -- cockroach with angel wings
tangiers -- run walk run

azita -- just joker blues
tracy & the plastics -- quaasars
carla kihlstedt -- peel
jacqueline humbert -- empty words

jon rauhouse/kelly hogan -- smoke rings (wow, this is mastered Loud!)
white magic -- plain gold ring
grey de lisle -- this white circle
freezepop -- stakeout

bomis prendil -- auto acupuncture (homework v. 10)
girl talk -- bodies hit the floor (w/ lisa loeb sample!)
beep beep -- executive foilage
passage -- all the little geniuses

xiu xiu -- clowne towne
rjd2 -- through the walls
homosexuals -- vociferous slam
wiley -- pies (a seg you don't hear every day)

side effect -- spitacular
busdriver -- driver's manual
eyedea & abilities -- now
alias -- pill hiding

diverse -- certified
sol power -- raach ya soul
jeru the damaja -- won't stop

[ack! third unheard seems to be damaged...]

eternals -- shot down (in the middle of division st.)
black dice -- live loop
luiano perrone -- samba vocalizado
the double -- firecracker in sawdust
lansing-dreiden -- track 10

jim boyd -- waxachachie boogie woogie dishwasher boy (hillbilly boogie box)
bergen white -- she is today
dead moon -- war is blind

[plenty of stuff I didn't get to.]

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