Monday, October 18, 2004

The point of the Philosophical Investigations is not so mysterious if Wittgenstein's lessons are taken to be:

(1) Don't either create or solve philosophical problems by applying metaphors appropriate to one subject matter to some other, inappropriate one.

(2) Don't think, having taken (1) to heart, that ordinary language needs to be 'reformed' by stripping it of all metaphor.

[It's a very negative book; it's also a damn shame that W. never -- to my knowledge -- turned specifically to our use of the word 'self.']

Saw Caetano V. and band Wed. night; short review in next week's L.A. Weekly. (Could have been three times longer.) English-language song not on A Foreign Sound: "Try A Little Tenderness." (I was hoping for "Billie Jean.") It seems that if had circumstances been different (specifically, if I'd gone the next night), I'd probably have met the man, through the good offices of Scott Saul. And Pedro Almodovar and Peter Sellars to boot. Ah, well.

Heard Guy Bennett and Damon Krukowski read, from translations and prose poems respectively, Fri. at Beyond Baroque; Cuban food after. I'd met Damon once, maybe twice -- at some show at The Middle East? -- but I don't believe I'd ever met Naomi. Good to get out for a change.

Phil of language class seems to be running smoother than aesthetics, to my surprise. Still need to carve out a couple of weekends when I'm not swamped between now and Nov. 22 to finish some roughed-out chunks of the EC book. Found about 50 positions to apply for in the dreaded Jobs For Philosophers; Vanderbilt is one of the few places specifically seeking an aesthetician. Hello, Opry!

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