Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Student told me yesterday about a short-notice Elvis C./Imposters instore at Amoeba [I'd used "Declan MacManus/Elvis Costello" to set up Frege's puzzle about co-referring proper names; in other words, I am two kinds of loser], so I left the Wittgenstein seminar I'm auditing (btw, there's a lot on the self in The Blue and Brown Books, should have remembered this) at break and headed there. Basically, played the rockin' half of the new album, displayed some guitar chops you don't normally associate with him, threw in "The Monkey" (thanks for the mp3 of the original, Douglas) after "Monkey To Man," closed with "P, L, and U" and "Oliver's Army" -- neither of which I've ever heard live. "Needle Time" was extended and quite dramatic, Lucinda W. came up to blow the words to "There's A Story In Your Voice." His between-song banter is 'genial' these days, but he's not very good at it. Probably as close as I'm likely to stand to Steve Nieve (who has added theremin and harmonica to his set-up). Some guy from Sex and The City auctioned off 2 tickets to a Kerry event EC's playing at the Viper Room on Fri.; went for upwards of $500. There was a record signing line, but I didn't stay -- what am I gonna do, say, "Hi, I'm writing a book about the time you called Ray Charles....," -- though I probably would have had I had time to stop at home for the Stiff singles I picked up at a garage sale two weekends back (thanks for the tip, Rael).

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