Thursday, December 23, 2004

Not in the business of praising the cultural coverage on financial radio shows, but Marketplace had a nice piece today on The Waitresses' "Christmas Wrapping," with an emphasis on Chris Butler's annual bump up in royalties. (Butler's best quote: " 'Born To Be Wild," now there's an annuity.") Also, included are tiny clips of fellow Ze-sters Suicide and Lydia Lunch, which were surprising to hear between stock quotes. (But none of Cristina's "Things Fall Apart," sad to say.) Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like you can listen to just the one story, but you could wade through the whole file for 12/23 here, somewhere. But, if nothing else, it reminds me to advise you all to pull out The W's Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful? sometime next year. So, so good -- the persona, the words, the playing, the funk.

While buying presents, added Lindsay Lohan's Speak to the pile, as it was on sale and I like candy. Surprised that it starts w/ the 'tough' bubblerock and doesn't go for the bubbledance until four songs in. The point of "First" is having the peeps horrified when they hear the double entendre hook -- "I wanna come first" -- and explaining, only half-disingenously that she means "first in your heart." I was rooting for "Symptoms of You," w/ its decent verse and ace prechorus, but the approach to the hook is leaden: "All I ever do is suffer from...symptoms of you." "To Know Your Name" has the most distinctive melody and production, kind of Ricky Martin at a low simmer; title track is a rewrite of Esther's "Express Yourself"; the first single "Rumors" has the hard-being-famous lyrics and is the extra cup of malted on the side of your "Milkshake." Overall, was hoping for more sass in the lyrics, and prefer 'her' 'voice' on the dance tracks; on the rock, there's a lot of that grunt-underneath-the-attack-on-the-first syllable that must be the teen-pop derivative of grunge-yarling. I wish that she wouldn't ape Ann-Margaret poses, but I'm sentimental.

Out to Boston from 12/27-29 for phil. interviews; 4, to be exact, 1 more attractive than the others by some distance. I wish I felt better about it all, but this is not the place to get into it.

Hope to be posting more regularly in '05; probably not at all before that. New Year's Resolution: Live a litte.

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