Friday, January 14, 2005

Turned in Armed Forces MS to ed. today, roughly 3 1/2 months past the original deadline; revision to come, but still.

I believe I've seen exactly two movies, new or old, in theaters since starting this project: I Heart Huckabees (thought-provoking, if you've never thought about anything before; Mark Wahlberg is terrific) and the Patty Hearst doc, which I recommend unreservedly. The '70s were stranger than I am old enough to recall clearly; Patty's college boyfriend is priceless. Oh, and Elf on a plane -- I liked that it was directed (more precisely, edited) for performance rather than pace. And Zooey Deschanel has something; possibly whatever Nellie MacKay was supposed to.

Some sort of general personal update in the next few days for those who care; then, I hope, some sort of semi-regular return to whatever purpose this blog was supposed to serve in the first place. Though it may turn out I've gotten out of the habit.

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