Thursday, January 27, 2005

Would "Galang" have made me think of "Buffalo Stance" w/o the video?

"The following is no doubt a valid argument, at any rate on one reading of its conclusion, but only a fool would try to make ideological capital out of conclusion -- which is not to say that there exist no fools:

John chose to work in factory F.
Factory F is hazardous.
Therefore, John chose to work in a hazardous factory."

--G.A. Cohen, History, Labour, and Freedom

[Which 'reading'? What phils. of language might call the de re interpretation. I won't bore you, but his comment is plausible.]

Seen in Dulles while heading for our plane at the end of inaug. weekend -- the satin-jacketed, red-white-and-blue-leafy-foil-almost-tiara-thing-wearing "Red Hot Mamas" from Coeur d'Alane, ID. Scared me more than finding out my aunt is involved in that whole Red Hat Society deal. On the plane: Many junior high students, a very polite and composed seat-neighbor who read The Power of Positive Thinking for the whole ride, a chapter heading glimpsed on the way to the restroom reading "Why Should I Be Involved In Cause-Based Marketing?" and The Forgotten, a Julianne Moore vehicle which also happened to be an "Edge of the Construct" movie (except the heroine is never really taken in by the construct, which really makes the device fairly useless dramatically), structured around anxieties maternal rather than material, as in The Matrix, J-Clo's account of which was my contra-N.V.Peale talisman for most of the trip.

"If I am telling someone, for instance, about the career of Mussolini, it would be unrealistic to look for -- to assume that there must be -- a point at which description of his doings terminates, and evaluation of them begins; 'talking about' Mussolini in an ordinary conversational manner is most unlikely to be thus susceptible of decomposition into sharply distinct ingredients."

--G.J. Warnock, Contemporary Moral Philosophy (1967):

Also purchased at Bridge St. Books (Rod wasn't in) --

The Gig 14
The Poker 5
Combo 13
Kit Robinson, A Day Off and Down And Back (I have to assume he read there recently...these are both late '70s books -- I have copy "T" of the second)
Christian Bok, Crystallography (rev.)
Stacy Doris, Conference
Chris Nealon, Ecstasy Shield
Lisa Robinson, The Weather
and the FO'H 'volume' of that Voice of the Poet series, which I meant to listen to on the plane until I remembered I was computer-and-podless.

Given our ETD, I didn't even get a crack at the phil or poli-sci sections...a new Stuart Hall-edited volume (more of a textbook format and feel) on representation and a big Godard thing from Black Dog were both tempting, but too big to add to the cargo at that moment.

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