Monday, February 07, 2005

Bought new tires; brake job next week. (It's like I'm daring you to keep coming here.)

(a) Seed packets with promos. When will it end? (b) Don't understand why DFA sends me CDs of their various singles (Juan MacLean, Black Leotard Front) but not the LCD album, which I'd be far more likely to 'place.'

Glad I saw SF/J's "hideous, self-indulgent whinge" before he deleted it. I though it actually raised some interesting questions about audience, the least of which would be, "Did Robert Benchley have to put up with this crap?" But, since it's gone, I won't go on about it. Also glad to hear word of the jazz-Pavement disc, which is indeed a stranger turn of events that the lite-classicalization of Elliot Smith. I enjoyed Cyrus Chestnut's first album Revelation a great deal, and saw him at the time; one would like to know what interest "Trigger Cut" holds for him. (I also note the album was recorded at the same studio as We Shall All Be Healed; I've played that piano!)

The "I Stand Accused" recorded by Jerry Butler and many others is a distinct song from the one recorded by The Merseybeats/EC, but it is apparently not, as credited on some Butler reissues and unlike "Make It Easy On Yourself," a Bacharach/David song -- as might have been reported in my book at an earlier stage, like, before this weekend. Ah, can't wait to find out what I did miss.

M.I.A. was an intriguing presence Thurs. night, but the live presentation was vaguely disappointing -- or is part of the 'disposable' plank of her platform supposed to involve not really doing anything with the live format that any other rapper wouldn't? Fuller review in the Weekly next Thurs., probably nothing those who already know don't already know. (Side comments: Funny that she studied art at St. Martins' College, just like the interlocutor in "Common People," and that an ex-Pulper helped produce the album. And, I knew there had to be a feature out there called something like "Tamil tigress burning bright.")

Otherwise, the high point of the weekend was a quick Sat. a.m. trip with Bree up to the Friends of the Camarillo Library bookstore (no web-presence, but 642 Las Posas Road, 805-484-8935: I'd call for hours). Can't remember how I found out about it in the first place; not incredible, but you never know: Picked up a 50-cent cassette of Bill Withers' 1974 + 'Justments, a copy of Engels' The Origin of the Family, Private Property, and the State printed by "Foreign Languages Press, Peking" and containing a small stamp with the address of one Peggy Ann Hicks of Rancho Palos Verdes alongside a purple unicorn, and seven BBC Dr. Who annuals from the '70s and '80s for $3.50 each, some of which are apparently far more collectible than others.

Did spend some quality time with L. Robertson, The Weather today, but I'll wait 'til I'm done.

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