Monday, February 28, 2005

If you're around your webdio, I'll be on KSPC 2-3 pst, Wed.. Nothing special, just filling in.


If we were allowed to miss anything, this would be sad.


Attended ethics lecture by Steven Darwall, one of the editors of an anthology I'm using; his line is that empathy (somehow distinguished from sympathy by requiring a second-person standpoint) is necessary for respect, and hence for a dignity-based ethics. Wants an emo Kantianism, in essence. Describing Aretha Franklin as "another Michigan moral philosopher" (he's at Ann Arbor), he attempted to illustrate his distinction with the difference between "Respect" and "Think," and by playing the performance of the latter from The Blues Brothers; the DVD didn't work.

Mixed feelings about this manner of proceeding; and about the philosophical content as well.


Confession: I don't use the iPod that much. I tend to forget to charge it. In any case, The Band's "Up At Cripple Creek" came on as I was exercising today, at the Hollywood Y in which the photos for the cover of The Basement Tapes were shot. Benefit/anniversary concert in April.

Rest of meme: Can "Mushroom," some Trollin Withdrawal song that I must have gotten from Vanderslice and which is actually as bad as most indie-rock is alleged to be, Go4 "I Found That Essence Rare," EC "You Belong To Me" (tym demo), Urinals "Surfin' with the Shah," Dizzee "Round We Go," Band (the froggy bass? clav? worked with DR), OutKast "God (Interlude)."

Rich with meaning.


As to songs played in controlled environments: Last night, grocery store, "Weird Science" and WKRP In Cincinnati themes. Neither quite as bad as Garrison Keillor singing "Forever Young" with a women's college choir, encountered in the car this weekend.

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