Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Jennifer Moxley and Steve Evans have called their L.A. reading/talk on account of illness. Damn; get well soon. Some comfort to be taken in the remaining visitors to the city this weekend: The Mountain Goats, Jeff Chang, and Jordan Davis (he's only reading in S.D., unfortunately).

Also sucks that the L.A. event for this got cancelled. (I was supposed to help M. Zapruder wrangle some willing poets and band; the small room at the Hollywood KF withdrew the night; I was too busy to be involved in finding a new venue.) And that Valentine's Day is on a Monday, so I can't participate in the either the S.F. or D.C. events (same link, rollover the hearts for lineups), esp. the latter, which is probably the only time Jenny T. and Rod Smith (the poet, not the music writer) will share a bill.

Considered posting a list of everyone who voted for Nellie McKay (tied w/Rilo Kiley for 14th) but not for anything else relevantly connected to cabaret/standards/jazz vocals; if you don't recall why I would think this mildly amusing, you're better off. But, after looking at most but not all of the lists, it seems that would be nearly everyone who named it at all, so the project is redundant. (If I'd gone through w/ it, I'd have called votes for Keren Ann and/or Rufus Wainwright close enough, a vote for the [lower-placed than I'd have guessed, though I say this w/ no schadenfreude] i not close enough -- because plenty of people who care about Stephin don't 'know the territory' either -- but I was struggling with Scissor Sisters, though I counted only 3 overlaps.] Many are heavy on female singer-songwriters in other genres, esp. alt-country, but I can find just one critic, Ellis Widner, who is demonstrably concerned with the narrower genre at issue, naming Rebecca Martin (an album that I've thought about picking up and now will, on Maxjazz, which released the great Patti Wicks disc I voted for last year) and a solo effort by the Manhattan Transfer's Janis Siegel, which I'd say takes guts in this crowd.

As to my own ballot, if anyone cares enough to raise obvious questions: Liked Showtime, but couldn't pretend I didn't hear Boy in Da Corner until early 2005 , or that it didn't work on me harder and longer than the follow-up. And while I realize that picking "Dark of the Matinee" 'instead of' "Take Me Out" is idiosyncratic, I didn't mean it to be perverse.

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