Sunday, March 27, 2005

Just finished a brief comment on a Rafael LeClerq's "The Aesthetic Peculiarity of Multi-Functional Artefacts," which I head up to Monterey to read at an American Soc. of Aesthetics conference on Wed., saving money but not time by driving; the highlight looks to be several papers Thurs. on conceptual art, which I'd maybe capitalize in other contexts. Then right back for a phil. lang. conf. in honor of my undergrad. prof. Jay Atlas' 60th birthday over the weekend. (So, no guarantee that I'll post again in the next week -- really would like to say something less bland about Joe, but time's at a premium again.)

And on the other side of that, the Cinematheque's annual film noir festival starts over the weekend; I'll start hitting these from Sunday on, even if it interferes with pressing responsibilities and my sleep cycle.


A group music blog that's new to me, on the 'hoedown' number(s) from various musicals. (I actually like "Shipoopi" (the correct spelling) though once in high school I listened to and OCR The Music Man multiple times on the same day, and woke up with a terrible Buddy Hackett earworm; some of Hammerstein's own exertions in this direction -- "This Was a Real Nice Clambake" from Carousel are, it's true, the worst numbers in his best shows, though I have a soft spot for "The Farmer and The Cowhand" from Oklahoma!, for its very inanity.)


Hit-count artificially swelled by searches on Z1zek/H0un1e; can't see what most of those interested would stick around for, so that part of previous entry is now deleted. One does get more hits on her w/ an alternate spelling; looks like the couple have collaborated on at least one thus-far-untranslated book.


Magic Markers do sound interesting, by the way -- will keep ears open.

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