Wednesday, March 09, 2005

kspc 8-10

ulytau -- adai (rough guide to ctrl asia)
the ex -- the pie
gogol bordello -- balkanization of amerikanization
wives -- we came out like tigers

devotchka -- queen of the surface streets
game theory -- kenneth, what's the frequency/not because you can (for dan rather)
matmos -- on and on (split 7" -- gladys knight 'cover,' not stephen bishop)
little tempo -- chase your choice (new dub, hard to tell where from)
eternals -- space dance hall (from 'rawar style' -- hadn't seen this one)

burning spear -- rocking time (heartbeat reissue)
the electric indian -- keem-o-sabe (old UA 7", yr. unk.)
character -- lakeview annex
richard buckner -- charmers
cass mccombs -- sacred heart
david ivar -- these arms of mine (herman dune guy, otis redding song)
elisabeth cotton -- mama, nobody's here but the baby
bobby bare jr. -- motel time again (johnny paycheck tribute)

the evens -- blessed not lucky (ian & amy!)
the nightingales -- parrafin brain
the orphans -- you're so vain (not a cover, too bad)
the kassettes -- poems (riverside, all gals, heartening)
angeles drake -- the next sharp slope

machine -- there but for the grace of god go I (thank you, rael)
dj rels -- sao paolo (aka madlib)
gold chains & sue cie -- multifear
the juan macclean -- dance hall modulator dub

bill coady -- i'm back to collect (1973, from some random 80s comp on epic)
issac hayes -- i stand accused (the long one; people need to hear this)

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