Wednesday, March 02, 2005

playlist not-a-meme -- kspc 2-3

(coming out of previous show's rachmaninoff)

tracy & the plastics -- dawn feather
die montir bass -- berlin crime 1978 (gossip side proj.)
sir richard bishop -- rose secretions
guy clark -- the dark (he's not kidding)

julie covington -- dead weight (anna mcgarrigle song)
christine rosenvinge -- german heart
kristin mooney -- sally tomato (spouse of a fellow I know slightly as buckner's touring guitar/steel player; v. sam phillips)
syvlia telles & lucio alves -- telefone (1st gen. bossa)

scene is now -- mediocre wedding band (from non-mediocre new 'songbirds lie')
leo griffin -- black candle/big tongue buster (from 'stepping razor,' rare lee perry comp)
24k gold -- birth to earth (etiwanda label)
soft pink truth -- kitchen (one of the only radio-clean tracks)
passage -- poem to the hospital (ch: "play dead on the elevator")

red eyed legends -- a conquest
aztec camera -- just like gold (postcard '81)

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