Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Steve: If no one's broken the news, I'm afraid it's possible that you have "Big Rock Candy Mountain" in your head because, wittingly or no, you have been exposed to the current Burger King campaign, speaking of need, demand, desire.

[See also Joe Hill's materialist anthem "The Preacher and the Slave", from whence the phrase "pie in the sky"; esp. cf. final verse with "BRCM."]

I dimly recall a Trix sub-campaign in which viewers were asked to vote on whether the Rabbit should be given the Trix, building up to a somewhat-hyped spot in which the results were announced: It was a landslide "yea." But the children nonetheless withheld the Trix with the usual tagline. My childhood response to this belies Hume's claims that justice is among the artifical virtues.

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