Thursday, March 10, 2005

Terrible Idea dept.: All-blogger band called Top Referrers.


found, 3/7

1) The Bohdi Tree, free shelf:

Typescript of "THE FORM": AS TRANSFORMATIONAL PROCESS; A Phenomenological Sketching -- Dissertation for Ph.D. in Counseling from The University for Humanistic Studies, San Diego, 1979.

2) On top of recycling canister, residential street, West Hollywood:

File folder containing documents relating to the "disposition of those literary and film properties ('Properties') as described in Exhibit 'A'), apparently related to a divorce settlement, dated Jan. 15, 1988. These include (verbatim passages from documents, authors' names withheld):

"Pepper in the Blood," a literary published work of fiction
"Wille Brown, a Biography," a published literary work of non-fiction
"Honor Clean," an original screenplay
"What We Do For Love, 100 Years of Trying to Get It Right," an unpublished literary work of nonfiction, authored jointly by [divoricing parties]
"Clothing Optional," an unpublished literary work of fiction

Also enclosed, signed copies of deal memos and book option agreements related to some of the above.


I thought xgau didn't read blogs. (See comment #34.)


When Teddy Met Kelly.

When a Complete Stranger Met "Houseguest".


To whoever is googling "going to georgia tablature": The tab-drawing software is down, but -- G. D. C.

In related news, the first rule of getting an advance of The Sunset Tree is, you know the meme. Possibly the The Escape of the MG canon (without the sestinas). Possibly not.


"If you have no comrades, then neither this little book nor anything else can help you."

Robert Paul Wolff, 1988 preface to In Defense of Anarchism

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