Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The webplayer for the station Jon was on last night is Mac-unfriendly; says so explicitly in their "help" section. Well, thanks. Not the case w/ KSPC, I'll be filling in again 8-10 p.m. pst tomorrow.


From a barely-digested press release dba as a "Staff Report" in today's Upland Daily Bulletin:

Calling all teens: Pharaoh's Lost Kingdom Adventure Park wants you!

On Friday, from 7 p.m. to midnight, Pharaoh's and Props Productions host the Jungle of Fire, a themed anti-alcohol/anti-drug dance event. The Jungle of Fire will feature rides, food entertainment, and educational workshops to promote clean, safe fun for agest 14 to 18.

A DJ will be spinning Top 40 and hip-hop music on a 20,000-watt system.  There will be special lighting and effects including lasers, fog and video screens, as well as a jungle. Additional entertainment will include performances by The Empire Movement, Negative Feedback, The Color Turning, Jasper Avenue, Nile and a fire dance.

Similar dance nights are planned the second Friday of each month with a different theme for each, said Sean Faustina, public relations director at Pharaoh's.

As horrible as this sounds, I am somehow gladdened by the idea that someone thinks it's a good idea to call a band The Color Turning. Mathy soft-emo, from a quick spin of their mp3s; couldn't tell if Christ was in the house. "Nile" is actually a pretty good name, but not easily searchable.


Reminds me of something I overheard in Pedro a couple weeks ago: "I like the idea of local music...."


From the same paper, today's Family Circus. Two groups of kids on the playground; Jeffy speaking: "We'll be the good guys and you be the insurgents."

I think I missed the one where "Not Me" surveys the wreckage of the WTC.



"In one experiment, one group of students at Simon Fraser University were given a Simon Fraser coffee mug and asked whether they would be willing to sell their mugs for prices ranging from $.25 to $9.25. Another group was asked to choose between getting a mug or the money for the same range of prices. Notice that the two groups are in equivalent choice situations up to the prior specification of ownership. Each is choosing between final states of having the money or having the mug. Nevertheless, the mediat reservation price of the owners was $7.12, while that for the choosers was $3.12."

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