Monday, April 11, 2005

I'll be on kspc this wed., 6-8 p.m. pst.


A couple weeks back, Nick Piombino's blog mentioned "Kimberly Lyons' new book Saline (Instance Press, 2005)." Can't find anything online about the press, or the book. If any readers have info relevant to procuring this, I'd be grateful: Lyons' previous Abracadabra was a lovely book (and another case where I've bought used copies when I've seen them to give to friends). [Update: For some reason, I forgot to check spd; they've got it.]


Went to Silliman's blogroll to find Piombino quickly, stuck around to catch up, was reminded of my feelings re: Jim Behrle's Ron Is Ron. Funny, but meaner than Silliman's excesses deserved? Felt that way, but on actually goint back to RS' blog, one notices the pompous tone, and a/an (increasing) number of posts structured around "the best," "the worst," "the only." Given how much of the langpo moment was about blurring the line between poetry and discourse about it, it's funny that this line is made bright-unto-flourescent by RS' voice and mode of argumentation; and there's some merit to the thought that he's often behaving (writing) like his "SoQ" entities, just from the other, "post-avant" side. Something similar has kept me, perhaps unfairly, from tracking down/reading his Under Albany, a line-by-line gloss/rationalization of "Albany," the piece of "poet's prose" that initiated The Alphabet. 25 years after "The New Sentence," we are finally supplied the missing connections that blocked syllogistic movement in the original piece. (How suspect does a poetic project become when, once the cards are laid face up, it turns out to be argument with the argument removed?) But, as I say, I haven't read the new book -- just tracing a reaction. And, all that said, the blog still sometimes hits the bullseye, as on Mar. 16, on U.S. govt. surveillance of poetry readings. And he certainly doesn't deserve hate mail from (apparently) Franz Wright (see comments on linked post).

(And as to Behrle -- what is being accomplished by "John Ashbunny"?)


It's become obvious to me that I'm not going to get around to really writing about much if any of the below (or even typing in proper links), so I'll just leave connections among the recent spate of cover albums, a couple of which I haven't even heard yet, as an exercise to the reader:

Charity tribute to Bjork's "Army of Me"
Non-charity tribute to Wire's "Outdoor Miner"

Cyrus Chestnut et al's instrumental jazz renditions of Pavement
Lea Delaria's Double Standards, vocal jazz versions of "Tatooed Love Boys," "Just A Girl," "Been Caught Stealing" and so forth.

Jah Division, Dub Will Tear Us Apart
Petra Haden's all-vocal The Who Sells Out

Robert Scott, Songs of Otago's Past (NZ folksongs by Mr. Bats)
Soft Pink Truth, new one (art-punk covers by Mr. Matmos)

Also, I'm told that Scout Niblett recently released a cover of "Uptown Top Ranking," but it's not on her upcoming 4AD disc.


Resistant to real work outside of writing my lectures since, if I'm honest, February. Oh, I managed the Beck piece and my conference response, but that's about it. Proximal cause: Lack of enthusiasm for the item currently at the top of my to-do-list: Cutting a 10,000 word paper on musical ontology down to around 7,000 for journal submission. Hoping to get head straight between mid-May (end of term) and mid-July (Europe w/ Bree). (Possibly The Illusion of Conscious Will is a bad choice of on-the-side reading.) Will get to the rest of this weekend's movies in a few days: Wish I'd had the spirit to go straight from Joan Crawford in "Possessed" to a rare showing of Michael Snow's 3-hr La Region Centrale, but went on errands instead.

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