Wednesday, April 13, 2005

kspc 6-8 pm

harold j. neal -- introduction, 1965 ABC radio affiliates convention
gang of four -- not great men (peel session)
sharon jones/dap-kings -- this land is your land
crown city rockers -- fortitude (feat. gift of gab)

john cull -- g.i. joe
lost sounds -- i get nervous
the girls -- cubist grid
last of the juanitas -- angie dickinson
totally radd -- victory pose

slim whitman -- indian love call (hey, it's in rotation, on a "country crooners" comp)
bill monroe -- dark hollow
carla bozulich -- times square
mia doi todd -- what if we do?

manhead -- birth, school, work, death (electro godfathers cover, wtf)
maximo park -- the coast is always changing (this is on warp? sounds like, jeez, the edsel auctioneer. "you react to my riposte"? I think I love this)
mouse on mars -- send me shivers
brother ali -- champion

kissing tigers -- i died in a mall
masha qrella -- guided by the stripes
saturday looks good to me -- the girl's distracted
purple wizard -- i've been wrong (hollies cover)
gary wilson -- gary saw linda last night

barbez -- the red urchins
the thin man -- for us
annette peacock -- american sport

momus -- jesus in furs (must be the first time this millenium i've thought of momus)
pony up -- minstrel
abc singers -- the saga of the radio commercial
the mice -- little rage
fiel garvie -- outdoor miner (yeah, from that)

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