Saturday, May 28, 2005

Dim sum for Ben S.'s birthday, quick look around Chinatown galleries, came home to find that what I though was (another) computer problem was actually a problem w/ my phone line. (I'm at a cafe near Amoeba.) Thinking about how the newest ways to dog Britney are more classist than ever, and how I hadn't come across the term chav until I fell into some forum posts re Lady Sovereign, and my intitial resistance to The Woods*, and how odd it is that Jessica**, who I think does not know Kasey, also chose to mark the season, and of a mixtape circa '87 I dug out at my parents' recently (Dipper's "Lou Gehrig's Disease"; Henry Cow, "War"; The Big Black/YLT Chemical Imbalance single), and how I've managed to have one of nearly every variety of technological/pragmatic difficulty there is since the start of this year, and how I probably shouldn't fill the bag when I don't feel like pulling the drawstring.

*But not esp. on account of the vocals, which the Aquarius mail-order list that just showed up complains about, just a few items after telling us that something described as an Ethel Merman-fronted black-metal band is "essential."

**You and me both.

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