Monday, May 23, 2005

It's self-regarding announcement day here in the file. The major bullet points:

1) I've accepted a one-year visiting position at Northwestern University. Classes start Sept. 20, so Bree and I are aiming to move to Chicago/Evanston around the first of that month. Packing chains, smokebombs. Suggestions on rental-at-a-distance welcome -- still kinda waiting on input from the department.

2) Armed Forces is out. Read the publisher's description, and/or purchase it through Powell's, via links at right. (You might well check out the concurrently released volumes on Murmur, by my new neighbor J. Niimi and Grace by Daphne Brooks. I have.)

My poor record with respect to promotion notwithstanding, I'll try to set up 'events' for the book here and there in the coming months (some, if timing is with us, with J.), and let you know here. Also, in the next few days (read weeks) I'll be adding a small side blog for material related to the book -- corrections, omissions, and tangents I just didn't have space for. But, if I can master myself, no defenses.

On a smaller scale:

Been meaning to register for a while that 0pb's "Big Pink Heart" appears on Tiny Idols, a compilation of "obscure, unknown, and out-of-print" early-'90s bands on Snowglobe Records. The company includes a few bands we knew fairly well/shared bills with (Further, Bunnygrunt, Allen Clapp) or followed to some degree (Uncle Wiggly, Philistines Jr., Strapping Fieldhands), and a good number that I've never, ever heard of (Chotchke?). Nice to see Lonely Trailer getting a little love. About our track, I'll just say -- we didn't have the worst rhythm section of the era.

Finally, just fwd'd an email via Jenny T. to the effect that someone walked down the aisle to "Decoy," from Tempting. Gratifying -- it is a love song, you just have to wait until the last lines to get there.

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