Tuesday, June 28, 2005

As I haven't bought or stolen any packing boxes yet, the most productive thing in that direction I can do today is go through the file cabinet I've had for years, simultaneously alphebetizing material that may be of use and seeing what I can (a) toss or (b) leave in California for a while. Some of this material goes back to high-school, but there's a lot of college/0pb era detritus:

Lecture handouts (when? where?) on Wittgenstein's architecture, on which I've written two notes:
"The Bauhaus followed the logical positivists around -- Vienna, [unreadable], Chicago," and "I like the typography but hate the ideas -- Rudolf Carnap."

Poems clipped from magazines, by poets I've never encountered since -- S.J. Sackett? Jared Carter?

A printout of a post from the old Indiepop listserv (of which I was never a member, this was forwarded), in which someone writes that "Nothing Painted Blue means as much to me as Pearl Jam or Luther Vandross," before comparing my work unfavorably to music "from the heart of the sun" -- Chrome, Keiji Haino, and so on. Guilty as charged.

Various 'zine interviews. I come off especially jerky in For Paper Airplane Pilots, c. '94, and seem to mention chili fries from The Hat on no less than three separate occassions -- though one, to be fair, was for the food 'n' indie 'zine Gourmandizer

Script for a performance of WCKR SPGT's rock opera The Charles Mansion, for Jim Bogen's aesthetics class at Pitzer; Mark and Joel drafted me to say no more than one or two words and eat cereal throughout.

John Ashbery's "The Poems," an uncollected piece between Some Trees and The Tennis Court Oath, Xeroxed from A New Folder -- which I found a damaged but readable copy of about a decade later.

Simon Reynolds' enthusiastic Melody Maker review of Beat Happening's first full-length.

Schematic drawings of Plato's cave, an assignment I had a community college intro class do in 1992.

Comics panel of Sarge from Beetle Bailey walking between two tanks, with a pensive look. Speech balloons: "Countries all over the world are becoming democracies." (Next balloon) "Democracies never start wars." Probably intended for a flyer.

Two very early (just pre-IPU, from internal evidence) issues of riot grrrl.

List of band names, undated:

The Winter Coats
The Visiting Scholars
The Shaftesbury Rules
The Meaning Holists
The Terms
The Rosicrucians
The Summer Separates
The Dry Bachelors
The Blithe Spirits
The Social Function
The Deadline Poets
The Simka Prunes [??]

VIP Club card, 11worth Cafe, Omaha, NE (valid Mon.-Thurs.)

A letterpress broadside of "To the Harbormaster" Moe's was giving out on some visit North.

One page essay "In Defense of The Spice Girls," handed out by Sally Timms on some Mekons tour.

William Gass' "And," clipped from Harper's, Feb. 1984.

Advertisement for seminars on "The Aura of Your Future You" and "The Seven Gem Stations of Human Evolution," offered for "the first time ever in California" by Universe Online Seminars, introducing "The Art & Science of Electrobics" from a Claremont address.

Handout from seminar on Elizabeth Anscombe's Intention, featuring totally impenetrable diagrams.

Lyrics, written out by various hands other than mine, to Mike Neelon's "Foundation Slips," The Bux's "Yes I Been in Love," The Only Ones' "Miles From Nowhere."

Scattered attempts at concrete poetry (often involving Letraset).

Purity test.

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