Friday, June 24, 2005

Can anyone i.d. for me the (fairly?) current R&B track that samples the rubbery acoustic bit from John Cougar's "Jack & Diane"? When I first heard it, I thought it was from Aztec Camera's "Oblivious" (a similarity I'd never thought of before).


Jane returns to the sphere, just in time to take me to task (with appreciated civility) for threads dropped and distinctions effaced in the covers album piece. I think I will wait to take this up in substance until Mon., when my head is clearer.

Also, am holding myself in check re the developing back-and-forth between Sasha and Rob Sheffield. Will wait until there's more on the table. If the convo goes where I think it might (must), I give fair warning that what I say will be of two minds, and pass through more idiosyncratic history than I usually indulge in.


Packed weekend: Madlib/P.B. Wolf tonight, right around the corner at Qtopia/The Vanguard; Mtn. Goats/The Double/Sarah Dougher Sat. (must relearn piano parts); possibly reading at Smell Sun. (will post details if so); Bree's departure from the landmass, two weeks in advance of my own; concomittent farewell quality time throughout. Would also like to hit a 7:30 reading at Skylight tonight w/ Miranda July, Carol Treadwell, and others for Cloverfield Press, but I doubt it's going to happen. (July's also supposed to show up for the opening of her film's run at The Nuart [I'll see it next week], around 10:00, but I think someone has misjudged the layout of the city -- this is what the phrase "pending the artist's schedule" was invented for.) Oh, and the bldg manager is constantly in and out of my apt. trying to close up the wood-rotting leak from the unit above, not good for concentration -- it's not "The Humpty Dance," let me be clear, it's the bandsaw.


A placeholder post, I know.

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