Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Dead-heat between two candidates for Press Release of the Week:

"Guitar legend and Aerosmith founding member Joe Perry has found a new way to 'rock your world' … with a pair of signature hot sauces."


“We found great locations in the east side of Hollywood that doubled for the Silverlake [sic] area of LA,” says line producer Ruby Zack. “This area is full of small bars and clubs where young, music loving artists hang out, and live life on their own aesthetic." [from one-sheet for DVD release of a movie called East of Sunset.]


Boilerplate lease-language: "the premises shall not be used as a 'boarding' or 'lodging' house, nor for a school, nor to give instructions is music, dancing or singing...."


Maybe more later, but likely not. Out to Berdoo for mid-week compromise between Father's Day and Grandma's birthday. 1 1/2 hrs. each way. New Eco for dad, need to pick up something on the way, probably in the large print section of Vroman's, for grams.

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