Monday, June 27, 2005

Fri: Descanso Gardens; downtown Montrose; El Chavo [old-line Mexican restuarant w/ glowing upside-down sombreros, immense signed photo of Dolly Parton, slightly out-of-tune harpist playing "Jingle Bells," most socioculturally heterogenous clientele I've seen in an area restaurant in some time]; home too late for Madlib -- walked around corner (literally) to venue, which was already clearing around 9:30. Is there some undie-hip-hop early-show convention that no one told my supposedly "old and tired" ass? Sat.: Practiced for Mtn. Goats show; packed car for Mtn. Goats show; Mtn. Goats show [The Double's keyboardist could cut me, I suspect]. Sun: Bree to LAX; sandwich from Bay Cities Importing, on way to The Smell; reading w/ Stephanie Rioux [recent Cal Arts MFA, reading a fairly remarkable unperformable feminist masque in a deceptive tiny-girl voice], Steve Gregorapolis [of Wild Stares/W.A.C.O.], self [sorry I did not announce this, it came together very late; I may read again in August]; Suhiro. Today: Reordered misplaced ATM card; read portions of Autonomy and Estrangement, Some Mountains Removed, Indigo Bunting. No fixed plans for evening, though there's a great deal to do in the next two weeks; will probably just read more.

Will fulfill outstanding promissory notes, and otherwise attempt to be worthy of your visit, when head clears. The "Jack and Diane" sample, by the way, is in Jessica Simpson's "I Think I'm in Love with You"; not all that recent, an index of how little attention I was paying around 1999. (Thanks to Roy Kasten.) I still think someone should sample "Oblivious." Killed multiple postings, don't know what's up with that, made some other small corrections. (Thanks to Liz C.)

In memoriam, Tigger and Piglet.

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