Friday, June 03, 2005

I presume the spike in attendance in the wake of yesterday's Alex Ross/J-Hop/Voice "blog rock" sidebar* linkage trifecta won't last, but while it does, let's make like Jon Bon Jovi and Pay It Forward:

A consortium of critics from Alex Abramovich to Yancey Strickler have a newish mp3 blog, Moistworks, that you should visit. (See esp. 5/24-25 for country standards covered by soul and jazz greats.)

I love the covers-blog copy, right. This week: All "Reaper," all the time.

Mungbeing is a new webazine (organized into "issues" and everything) edited by Mark Givens and jody franklin. It's all over the map -- in the first issue, you can find an exclusive track by The Congress, Mark's collaboration w/ John Darnielle, who also contributes a short poem.

[Mark is also the man behind hostitles (corporate brand identity or concrete poetry?), and 1/2 of Wckr Spgt, whose body of work is so overwhelming that I'll just start you off with "Freud Was Right".]

And I'd be amiss if I didn't end with some vitamins for your eyes.

*now with free line edit!


Content of the usual sort later today, depending on what else gets done. [Update: No way -- plumbers in the apt. since 10 a.m.]

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