Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Want to report on Sunday's Smell reading and a few other things, but I really screwed up my sleep cycle yesterday somehow, so just some linkage for today.

I see over at Simon Reynolds' blissbog that Rip It Up & Start Again, his book on postpunk, won't be out in the U.S. until 2006, apparently in a shortened version. Thinking I'll have to order the director's cut from the UK (I just took delivery on Morley's Words and Music, though that found a domestic home at University of Georgia Press). For now, one can download two chapters of Reynolds' discographical backmatter -- essays in their own right, really.

See also this antifesto by another Simon, contra "Razorlight, Maximo Park, the Killers, the Futureheads and the rest of your terminally conservative NME family." In most moods I agree, though there's always the worry that wanting 'more' than what's 'not enough' from one's rock is also problematic.

I'm sure I have readers that are already well up on this, but for those that aren't, might as well register the first-ever ringtone to hit #1 in the U.K. (Sorry the video's not loading, at least for me, on that first link. Note also that the U.K. charts now include downloads -- how is this playing out in the U.S.? -- but that the track has also been released as a CD single.)

This has gone subscriber-only since I saw it, but if you're inclined: WSJ presents Steely Dan/Doobies gtrist Skunk Baxter. Mindbending. (Thanks to Liz Bustamente of betternoise.) Note well -- he cheerfully admits that turntables are instruments, so even though he's a defense consultant, at least he's not a rockist.

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