Monday, July 25, 2005

And since I was recently informed that I personally may be the problem with late kapitalism, what with my kurious kritcal-yet-kovetous kathexis w/ kommodity-kitsch, it bears mention that when Bree and I went to the E. Leclerc Espace Culturel (sort of like a freestanding version of the media/electronics sections of Best Buy), she was given un cadeau, for no reason either of us were able to understand: a paperback of Au Bonheur des Dames, Zola’s 1883 novel on consumer/commercial culture, heavily informed by the author’s researches in Le Bon Marché. And she was just buying remained Charles Trenet and Yves Montand cassettes. (You really would have to go some distance to beat my squeeze for aesthetic consistency.) Me, with my two B. Biolay CDs and randomly chosen ragga comp, rien.

Have also picked up, at rummage sales, a 30 Euro French-made tux, in good repair and remarkably well-fitting, Mort Shuman’s late-‘60s LP Amerika (“Teenager In Love”/”Viva Las Vegas” and so on co-writer w/ Doc Pomus, later translator into English of most of the Brel you probably know, and eventually a well-known singer in France in his own right – hmm, could be an interesting figure to write about), and, most curiously, the standard English critical edition of Jean Toomer’s Cane.

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