Monday, July 25, 2005

But the one untranslated French book I haven’t been able to resist buying so far, though who knows when I’ll learn to read it, is Voyage à Oarystis, an apparently brand new book, some sort of novelistic Utopia, by Raoul Vaneigem. Speaking of the happiness/delight/good fortune of women, here’s the passage on the back. I daresay even I can get this:

“Elle en avait les larmes aux yeux. Un pays où il n’y a ni temple, ni église, ni synagogue, ni mosquée, ni prêtrek, ni pasteur, ni gourou, ni barrin, ni banquier, ni marchand, ni flic, ni militaire. Quel bonheur!”

(The orthography is getting to me. Please forgive such errors as I make the rest of the trip.)

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