Monday, July 25, 2005

End of that chain of thought for now.

I loved the “Boots” piece, and the Believer article needed to be written, and I have, as you know, no love of Pitchfork, and yes of course me and mine had a corpse in our mouths through much of the ‘90s and need to be told so over and over in the paper of record and elsewhere, please, sir, can I have another?, but something is nagging at me about Kalefa Sennah’s Intonation-fest review (I can’t call him K. as I’ve never met him, and it gives me weird images of Anthony Perkins), despite its very sharp rhetoric (nothing but the quotes from reviews are needed to skewer the site, v. K. Krausish, really), something about shooting fish in a barrel while pulling one’s punches, but I’ll reread and get back to you. Still, 15,000 for this sort of thing in Chicago, jeez, maybe I can still get a gig.

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