Thursday, July 14, 2005

feu d'artifice


The Time coverage of the London bombing pushes me closer to uttering those left not-exactly-pieties I abjured before crossing. Not about the event, but the way it's being used, which is hardly a surprise, but still. Even the text on the cover, all the words that surround the image Jane posted a few days ago: INSIDE THE MANHUNT//AN IRAQ CONNECTION//AMERICA: WHY OUR TRAINS AREN'T SAFE ENOUGH -- no, no fearmongering in our house. And in the story, a characterization of America's enemies: "Men and boys with small lives and big hopes for the afterlife visit jihadist websites, meet like-minded rejects at the local mosques, pay a visit to one of the overseas imams known for radical preaching and then -- well, no one case say for sure." "Rejects" seems an unhelpful characterization, but I'm unsure what it hides. More transparently: Doesn't more or less anyone who believes in a personal afterlife have "high hopes" regarding same?

Back of the book, 2-inch Q&A w/ Maggie Gyllenhall (bad pic):

--When you said recently that the U.S. was responsible in some way for the 9/11 attacks you upset a lot of people [not a Q, n.b.]

--It's a time when if you want to say something that's complicated, you have to do it very carefully. I realized the red carpet is not the place to have that conversation. I was surprised and really hurt by the way what I said was misinterpreted.

--Do you want to clarify what you meant?

--No. I just don't think it's the right place.

Yeah, M., probably a good call. (For completeness' sake, here's a story on the original comments I hadn't even heard about until picking up Time, and the inevitable damage-controlled publicist-scripted follow-up.)


responsibility, desert: related but not synonymous.


Every so often, Sasha mentions that we're gonna see the i-rock-beat-down screed presently, but then he cannily switches to an all/alt-yogurt format. One outside possibility: Sheff aced our man, who has now realized that The Shins actually will change your life, and skipped that Lady Sovereign show to listen to Picaresque a few more times. No? Step up, before I'm reduced to repeated postings about triple-creme brebis.


Google homepage in French today...nice touch.

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