Monday, July 25, 2005

I paraphrase, but:

Me: “I’m a little uneasy about this London trip” [Thurs.]
Bree: “Because of the bombs?”
Me: “Well, not because of the ‘danger’ so much, mostly because it seems untoward to be going somewhere for fun when the world isn’t much fun.”
Bree: “Will the world be any more fun if we’re somewhere other than London?”
Me: “No, but it’s all just more vivid.”
Bree: “We can go and be miserable if you want.”
Me: “OK.”

Seeing Luke Haines – probably as close to M.I.A. as a stylistically white/Britpop artist is likely to come, as far as drawing on the symbolic power of political violence to the point of making you seriously wonder if we might be edging into advocacy (if not complicity) – on our first night there at the ICA will be a particularly complicated moment for me.

Unavailable for comment: Former National Front head/BNP founder John Tyndall, dead at 71 as of last Tuesday. The Times: “He presided over the movement’s heyday in the 1970’s, when one candidate won second place at a parliamentary election in West Bromwich.” Want more, look for an obit yourself.

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