Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I think I'm needing to really like/love something, and soon, b/c some of my current reactions are not even curmudgeonly, but just sour. E.g.: Look, if where I went wrong was that I wasn't attending with sufficient care to Main, Lorelei, and The Swirlies, ima turn in my glove and go home, 'kay?. E.g. 2: I may see Charlie et la Chocalaterie (dubbed, here in the provinces, not version originale) here in a few days w/ Bree and three 13-year-old American girls (I'll explain later) and I'll probably enjoy it fine (I could have told you in advance they'd fuck up the songs; some people also think Moulin Rouge, and I don't mean John Huston's, was a musical), but: "crappy first version"? This has gotta be a sign of some deeper aesthetic-theoretical divide than one over whether, I don't know, The Karl Hendricks Trio were ever any good.

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