Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Last few days: Interfiled a few boxes of records that had never been alphebetized w/ those that are, while also culling some (not enough) for sale. Same for books, while packing about 8 boxes, with maybe 4 or 5 to go (this doesn't count those that I never unpacked in my 3 years or so in this apartment, which I thought I might be leaving on a couple of previous instances). Sold/traded to a total of 4 shops (interesting find: Tim Dlugos' Little Caesar book), took remainder, plus 2 shopping bags of cassettes, pre-recorded and otherwise, to Out of the Closet (but bought 2 LPs, Dr. Buzzard's and Livingston Taylor). Rented self-storage in Ontario, about $50/mo. less than comparable spots in L.A., carried in one carload of boxes, a drop in the bucket. Ate, at various points, at an Italian deli called Pinnochio's in Burbank (Chili John's being closed for the summer), Papa Christo's in the so-called "Latino-Byzantine District," and The Mirage on Garey Ave. in Pomona, a weird lunch buffet of really uninspiring Chinese steam table food and much better and fresher Pakistani dishes. Left the 16-bit master for 0PB record for Dennis in the presumably trustworthy hands of Nathan Wilson at Rhino Claremont. Drops in Sept., I think.

Found, in an older box that I thought might contain printed matter I no longer need, the run of Lowghost, a circulated-to-contributors publication Paul Vangelisti edited in 1998, the last few copies of my Seeing Eye chapbook (1999), and Amos R. Wells' Social Evenings, an 1894 collection of religious parlor games from which I collaged this poem. Also, many insufferably twee zines (though I come off as less of an ass in interviews conducted this millenium) and two issues of The Stalker, a 4-pager dedicated entirely to hating on Urge Overkill. Simpler times. Simpler, lamer times.

Life of the mind not v. lively at the moment, for obvious reasons. Continued cover/sample discussion backchannel w/ J., sparing those of you to whom this seemed recherche. Read most of Bruns' The Material of Poetry: Annoyed at the characterization of some notions of Levinas' as constituting a radical break with everything anyone else has ever thought about ethics. Polished off, over the last two weeks, one of the few bottles of alcohol I've ever bought primarily (as it turns out, entirely) for my own consumption.

Not feeling as dire as this probably sounded; it's the syntax.

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