Monday, July 18, 2005

My condolences to the relatives, friends, and bandmates of Michael Dahlqist, Doug Meis, and John Glick, all killed last Thursday in Skokie on their way back from lunch when their car was rammed by a driver first thought to be drunk, though it has now developed that she was making a failed suicide attempt. (Story here.) The fact that these guys were in bands is hardly what makes this tragic, but I have to say a word about Michael, the only one I know personally, who was unfailingly sweet and friendly everytime I encountered Silkworm, and never less than completely committed every time I saw him play. I know that that band isn't for everybody, but they've been important to me -- Libertine was one of the first three records I had with me when I moved into my first grad school apt. -- and to some of my closest friends. He'll be missed.

I'm also sad to hear of the death of ska pioneer Laurel Aitken.

Don't feel like adding a bunch of unrelated stuff to this. Cheerier or argumentative or something next time.

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