Monday, July 25, 2005

One cooler-headed thought, and then I’ll actually, ah, wait for the argument: I worry that some of this action gets going because none of us are being entirely clear about which of the following (and which relations among the following) is being discussed at a given juncture:

1) indie-rock, the music and its practicioners (e.g. the folks on stage at Intonation)
2) the indie-rock audience (e.g. the folks who watched the folks on stage at Intonation)
3) writers/critics/editors/institution with a bias toward indie-rock (e.g. Pitchfork/Believer)

[and what do we do about (4) – those really good and often highly theoretically advanced poets who keep listening to Magnet-knows-what?]

OK. All the bad shit that I’m not happy about might turn out to be true. But gimme this: Finding it out kinda blows. Hard.

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