Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Poets who know London: Bookstore recs? Is there some Bridge St./St. Marks equiv.? Please write me, link at screen right.


Don't worry Carl: I'm not bored, I just stayed up late. (The days are long and calm here, though, the last such I expect to have for a while.) And really, if I'd been spending much of my time reading blogs, I'd have seen that your beef w/ the Pitchfork piece was essentially the same as mine, but more developed.


Douglas helps me out on the ska tip: "Shame & Scandal" = calypso by Lord Melody, apparently based on another calypso that Sir Lancelot wrote for "I Walked with a Zombie"! I first heard it through a version Ed's Redeeming Qualities (them again!) did on a tape ca. 1989....

(Speaking of calypso, a recent listen to London Is The Place For Me made me just plain sad -- Kitch's optimism, humor, and innocence -- "Underground Train" is just a light song about getting lost, forgetting your stop because you're looking at a pretty girl -- though it does eventually give way to "If Your Not White You're Black." And then he moves back to Trinidad.)

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