Sunday, July 10, 2005

Posting from Upland. Packed, closed up apt., drove out here yesterday afternoon, leaving car w/ parents while I'm away. Dinner at "The Royal Cut," prime rib house w/ slight Portugese influence in Chino, to which 'rents had found birthday coupon (Fri. was my mother's); interminable discussion of whether waiter would allow my father to order the free entree instead. Surprised that, after the bombing in London, no issue was raised about the safety of my trip* -- in Oct. 2001, when I was about to leave on a long tour with Jenny, I allowed my mother (and to some extent, Bree) to convince me, for her/their peace of mind, to cancel a flight and head out to D.C. by Amtrak. (Coincidentally, this was all also around the last time I moved house.) Last night, some concern about how hard LAX would be to negotiate, and, my father said something about this being a "volatile world," over cake, but that was as far as it went.

*Bree and I are taking a side trip there around the 28th.

Incongruous can of Egyptian fava-bean spread in pantry, w/ Arabic lettering -- though it's true that Italians eat something similar. Noted that Don Letts' recent doc Punk: Attitude was showing on IFC around 11, but I was too tired. (Though I ended up flipping around in Rip It Up for an hr. in bed.)

Earlier yesterday, loaded maybe 50 CDs onto computer, packed ambitiously regarding reading as well -- I've been guilty of pooh-poohing this sort of idea in the past, but yes, we need an iPod for books. (Mailman arrived just in time w/ SPD order, Xanthippe, and Belladonna pamphlets -- and returned letter w/ check to Dan Bouchard, I must've made a mistake on the address, so no Poker 6 until I return.) It's not all like that: Have Jack Webb's recently republished The Badge for the plane.

Unsure of whether and how often I will post from France -- menus/village life might be dull reading. Bree's parents are connected there, but I don't know that they've gotten DSL in the 3 years since I've visited (or even that it's available), so extended online activity may just be frustrating.

To self -- things I hope I can fit in, other than packing and related tasks, between returning here (Aug. 13) and leaving for Chi. (aiming for Sept. 1 to drive out; classes being the 20th):

--Basquiat show
--Vince's Spaghetti in Ontario
--decent Sushi somewhere
--breakfast at Pantry
--Watts Towers
--'farewell' (temp?) show @ The Press w/ Refrigerator, WCKR SPGT (tentatively, 8/19)
--similar reading @ The Smell (tentatively, 8/28)
--see Sat. eve. movie at Hollywood Forever celeb cemetery (have been trying to make it to one all summer)

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