Sunday, August 21, 2005

Courtesy of Alex Abramovich and The Wayback Machine, here are archives of my pieces on catchiness, computer improve, and turntable notation (though that's been reprinted) from the otherwise offline Feed, from '00 and '01. (There's also a link to an interview w/ Eames Demetrios, Charles and Ray Eames' grandson; unfortunately, it leads to the introduction to the piece, while the interview itself doesn't appear to have been archived.) I think you could probably get to much of the mag's other content via various internal links.


Word Problem: The outdoor speakers at a mini-mall Starbucks are broadcasting early, acoustic Dylan. At the other end of the same commercial development, a seven-piece fusion band is performing on the patio of a non-chain cafe. Triangulate the point in the parking lot at which the harmonica solo from the former can be optimally heard as a harmolodic intervention into the latter.


3rd disc I've ever imported that CDDB didn't recognize: Catriona Strang and Francoise Houle's The Clamorous Alphabet (Periplum, 1999)//Key aspect of the brilliance of X: His voice is prettier than hers. There must be many others who have done this; but who? Soul duets?//Has there ever been a straight-up disco cover of "Lady Madonna"? B/c the possibility of same is implicit in the original, esp. Paul and Ringo's playing in the b-section.//Gem of Soul Jazz' Studio One Lovers Rock: Freddy McGregor & Jennifer Lara, "Too Long Will Be Too Late" (Otis Blackwell song?)//Just discovered, a year after Oliver, Blossom Dearie's funky "London In the Rain." No surprise, I don't hear it as quite the "aberration" from her usual range as does O-Dub -- just more demonstrative.//To self: track down Ernst Reijseger and Franco D' Andrea I Love You So Much It Hurts (Winter & Winter)//Space left between the 6 stacks of CDs that fit in a standard 1.5 cubic-ft. packing box: good for stray 10-inches.//OK, I just looked it up after years of wondering: What Aretha sings in "Respect" is "Take care, TCB," and I assume that last stands for "Take Care [of] Business." I swear that I always thought she was singing, Take out T-C-P as if the line were some sort of rebus cryptic crossword "secondary indication" that I was just not getting: that would leave "R-E-S-E," which anag.s as "seer," sure, but what did that have to do with the song?


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