Thursday, August 11, 2005

If you missed it, here's the Ess-Oh-Vee profile from The Guardian.

Tagline for ubiquitous ad on Paris Metro: "I speak English...Wall Street English!"

The comfort of the known (or the known in an less-than-familiar conflict) almost made me go see Animal Collective at "un junque chinoise" on the Seine last night, but...no.

All up in the love for Rachel Sweet -- and wish I could remember whether "Who Does Lisa Like" was written by Will Birch and John Wicks of The Records (who wrote a bunch of Fool Around) or her fellow Akronian Liam Sternberg (w/ whom RS also co-wrote this) -- also, like "Lisa" in that more-chant-than-tune pre-"Mickey"/Bring It On/"Hollaback Girl" mode that we wouldn't want to be the only kind of music in the world yet enjoy quite a lot when we encounter. See also Ian Hunter, "I Know Lisa Likes Rock 'n' Roll," Jayne Aire & The Belvederes, "No More Cherry Icing." [On another note -- believe it or not, I sometimes read books/hear music/see movies that I don't even mention on my blog. Clearly, I need to start putting more of my cultural capital in an interest-bearing account.)

"Lead. Lead or get out the way." "Nothing but a clean hit will do." My. Didn't I actually introduce these people by mentioning an essay about Robert Pollard's lyrics on a listserv? Sasha: Please, when ever you do get around to making like Oswald-not-Fromme, do recall that the main thing Rob (and now I) am curious about was not Why Indee Sux (we got that, and damn its makin' it hard to write a one sheet for the 0pb disc out in Nov.), but what the strategic (tactical?) objective of reiterating that point in articles about various more-or-less related musics has been.

Oh, and it's not about musicianship -- "can't sing"/"can't play" is at issue between nearly every pair of successive or adjoining popular musics you can name, hardly special to the formations at hand -- and I, personally, could give a rat's ass about "intensity" as conventionally understood. (I, myself, have stuck my head in bass-drums during long passages of feedback. fun to have done, and to be done with; I don't need a steady diet of such, on either end of the mic cord.) S'about race, class, and normative privlege: These are the places where the assessments of SFJ and others make most sense to me, and why I sound so pained when I try to work my mind around whether I have to Burn All My Records.

(This is all coming from someone who listens to much less indie-rock than his constant whining about how it would be ok to do so would lead you to expect. Tho the Art Brut CD I got in London is fun: "Modern Art...makes me want to rock out!"

Flight to L.A. tomorrow; more Paris notes later.

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