Friday, August 12, 2005

Will respond, if not rebut, sometime soon when I'm not in the CDG departure area.

Met Guy Bennett for lunch yest., was then taken for quick tour of Pierre La Chaise -- snapped a sweet pic of Bree at the grave of Sarah Bernhardt, saw the stones on Stein's. Then met Kurt Osment -- a comp lit (or is it straight English) doctoral candidate at Irvine, working on Cage and Feldman's commentaries on their own work, who's currently teaching composition (in English) at Nanterre ("the students want to be radical...") -- for coffee. Then North African food at L'Homme Bleu, rec. by Guy (who served the first merguez I ever ate, come to think of it), in a part of the 20th arr. heavy on international restaurants -- inc. a "New Orleans" establishment at which the BBQ assiette was called "La Frontierland."

Heard the disco (plus extended gtr solo on fade) version of "What A Difference A Day Makes" by Esther Phillips at coffee in the hotel -- new to me, and quite wonderful. Is this the inspiration for En Vogue's? Do I not know enough about disco? (Did pick up a cheap uncorr. page proof copy of Turn the Beat Around in London -- but it's not in my carry-on.)

You can't really get a sense of it w/o pictures, but re "Paris Plage" at the Hotel de Ville: On top of the paving stones, the beach!


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